Employment and professional training:

S2 Human Resource Center provides members with a series of job training so that members can more merge into society. Members can grasp a variety of software technologies to pave the way for future jobs. S2 Human Resource Center’professional training includes QUICKBOOK software, hotel rooms and financial certification training. We have professional counselors with many years of experience training members. You are trained not only on theory but experience.

Other services:

  • 1. Provides CO-OP jobs opportunities
  • You will get valuable real work experience, which will lay a solid skill base for the next step of your career development. S2 Human Resource Center has connections with nearly 3,000 employers from all sectors. No matter which field of skills and experience you want to gain, we can help you by arranging you to gain practical experience in a professional enterprise you want.

  • 2. Legal Advices:
  • Our senior counselors and legal advisers can advise you on company formation, drafting of various types of contract, divorce, and a variety of civil proceedings. We are dedicated to provide quality legal advisory services to companies and individuals. We handle cases rigorously, timely and effectively. Our years of professional experience are guarantee of your confidence and success!

  • 3. Tax Service:
  • Whether you are a company or an individual, our professional accounting staff can help you solve all the tax troubles. We provide personal tax returns (employees, self-employed, and students), corporate tax returns, wage calculation, reporting GST, PST, and other tax problem solutions. Professionalism, attention to details, and sincerity are our objective. Choosing us to help you plan and handle will give you less hassle and more ease.