For Company:

S2 Human Resource Center is a human resources company with many years of experience. Based on the accumulated past experience, our human resources have a unique vision. When each job seeker is registering membership, a consultant will interview them to assess their overall quality. We will base our assessment on the applicants’ employment objectives and practical skills. We will also consider qualifications for classification and data entry to the human resources database. Systematic computerization management enables selection of appropriate talents according to the requirements of the employer. S2 Human Resource Center provides members with interview techniques and various categories of skill training, including accounting software training, hotel rooms training and financial planning training. Through interview counseling and training, members will be more easily merged into society and adapted to the various challenges of work.

S2 Human Resource Center will base assessments on the needs of employers for employees’ assignments. We will enter into agreements and employment contracts with the employers and the employees respectively to set out the rights and obligations of all parties.

S2 Human Resource Center offers personnel outsourcing and HR Outsourcing Managed Services. One or more human resource operations are, according to the needs of the enterprise, outsourced to a more professional human resource company so as to reduce labor costs and improve work efficiency. This helps enterprises to standardize the management of employees, improve personnel management and better safeguard the legitimate interests of employees.

For Individuals:

S2 Human Resources Centre offers free membership registration so as to help find work more effectively. Our wealth of employment information provides a variety of jobs to members. Whether you want to seek another job, plan the future of your career, or look for a professional position, we can help you to achieve your goal! It is worth mentioning that our professional human resources consultants will help members with résumé modifications and interview counseling to improve the success rates of job interviews.